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Shortly after its debut, the 1983 CB1100F earned a reputation as one of motorcycling’s true superpowers — easily the most potent air-cooled inline-four Honda’s ever built. This was Honda’s first 1100cc superbike. Its arrival remains a benchmark for Honda in the evolution of the high-performance motorcycle.

Building on lessons learned from more than two decades of racing, Honda engineers created the 108-hp heart of the CB1100F. And as good as the rest of the motorcycle was, that engine made it a masterpiece. In Motorcyclist magazine’s December 1982 road test, the 1100 turned an 11.38-second, 118.5-mph quarter mile. Then, during Motorcyclist’s 24-hour endurance test, the 1100 covered 1,801 trouble-free miles around Willow Springs Raceway. That shattered the magazine’s previous 24-hour record of 1,690 miles, set in 1981 by Honda’s CB900F.

On the street, the magazine’s testers discovered the bike’s stunning low-end power. Throttle response was exemplary, thanks to the four constant-velocity carburetors equipped with an accelerator pump that kept throttle response very crisp.

In the chassis department, a new box-section swingarm pivoted on needle bearings. Working in concert with the steel-tube frame and a 39mm, air-adjustable fork, it helped deliver amazing stability and cornering. Motorcyclist later wrote, “And handle it does… nearly ideally. Bending the bike over into a turn requires very little effort at the handlebar. And it will stay there with no additional input from the rider.” After factoring in the adjustable rear suspension and TRAC anti-dive control, they concluded, “Honda has won the Superbike Game hands down. The CB1100F is the best superbike Motorcyclist has tested.”

Honda Bol d'Or CB 1100 FDHonda CB 1100 FD

Engine number: SC11E-200

Frame number: SC11-2000016 – 200??

Period: 1983 – 1984

Vermogen: 108 PK/80,5 kW


Honda Bol d'Or CB 750 FAHonda CB 1100 F US

Engine number: RC04E-2113797 – 0000000

Frame number: RC04-2113718 – 0000000

Period: february ’80 – february ’81

Vermogen: 77 PK/58 kW


Honda Bol d'Or CB 1100 RBHonda CB 1100 RB

Engine number: RC04-2204204 – 0000000

Frame numer: SC05-2000008 – 2000969

Period: 1981

Power: 108 PK/80,5 kW


Honda Bol d'Or CB 1100 RCHonda CB 1100 RC

Engine number: SC05E-210

Frame number: SC08-2000013 – 2102025

Period: 1982 – 1983

Power: 108 PK/80,5 kW


Honda Bol d'Or CB 1100 RDHonda CB 1100 RD

Engine number: SC05E-220

Frame numer: SC08-210

Period: 1983

Power: 108 PK/80,5 kW


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